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In the UT of A & N Islands, there is 1 District Jail and 03 Sub–Jails are functioning for safe custody of the Prisoners sending by various Courts. Due to Burmese national’s admission in Jail continuously u/s 14

Right to Information Act 2005 mandates timely response to citizen requests for government information. It is an initiative taken by Department of Personnel and Training...

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The  Cellular jail, situated on top of the Atlanta Point close to the Aberdeen Bazaar, is the most famous historical structure of the present day Port Blair.  The Structure as become an inspirable part of the freedom moment of the country. The tortures  inflicted by the British on the mind and the bodies of the inmates of Cellular jail were so brutal and inhuman that in no time the place become in famous as the most notorious structure of the country. The Penal settlement of Andamans was initially started in Ross island. Gradually, more jails were constructed on other islands like Viper island to accommodate more convicts form mainland India and Burma. Though the initial convicts were deserters and mutineers involved in the Sepoy Mutiny, gradually the prisoners of other anti – British revolts were also transported to Andamans. The number of convicts in Port Blair gradually increased form two hundred in  1858 to about twelve thousand at the end of the nineteenth century.

          The British administrators from Calcutta used to visit Port Blair periodically to assess the health of the convicts and to inspect the state of the penal settlement. In 1890 Sir Charles James Loyal, Secretary to the Government of India, and Dr Alfred Swain Lethbridge, Inspector General of Prisons in Bengal, came to Andamans, This two – member committee, commonly known as Lyall Lethbridge Committee, suggested many effective changes for the penal settlement at Andamans. An observation made by them was that the convicts at least for the first six months, as was existing in Cannanore Jail in the south western coast of Indian. The government of India accepted the suggestion and granted permission to construct a jail in Port Blair on the lines of the Cannanore jail...... Click Here to Know More

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