Various Activities of A & N Prison Dept.

The Jail administration is conducting various programs which help the prisoners to improve their educational, health and recreational activities. Different training in the field of cane, bamboo and wooden furnitures/handicraft is being provided to the prisoner on regular basis. A special study centre has also been established by the IGNOU, Port Blair for the benefit of inmates.

            For providing medical care, hygiene free environment, a dispensary with 10 bedded hospital is functioning inside the Jail. The Medical staffs consisting of a full time Doctor, 02 staffs nurse, 01 Pharmacist and o1 ward attendant. At the time of admission every prisoner is medically examined before entering inside the Jail. Besides the jail doctor, there has been arrangement for providing specialized treatment from GB Pant Hospital, for the prisoners as and when required.

A Prisoners Welfare Canteen is running inside the Jail to facilitate for the welfare of the prisoners. A Sales Counter for sale of handicraft items to general public made is opened outside the Jail main gate, which are prepared in the workshop by the inmates.

             The willing prisoners working in various fields like workshop, kitchen, gardening, Jail canteen are paid wages as per following scales:-

             Skilled               @ Rs. 37/- per day

             Unskilled           @ Rs.  28/- per day

             As a part of model jail and for mental upliftment of the prisoners Vipassana/meditation classes are conducted to bring a positive change in the attitude, thinking and perception of the prisoners. Eligible convict prisoners are also being given furlough and parole leave apart from regular mulakats so that they can have social interactions with the outside world. For the women prisoners separate block is provided with kitchen facility and every basic requirement is given to them. Various vocational programs are also being conducted in the women barrack itself.

             Education is a vital for the overall development of prisoner and benefits the society as well as it leads to their rehabilitation and self sufficient. An Adult Education classes have been started and the voluntary inmates are taking educational classes. All the educational items like books, pencil etc. is being provided by the department. Apart from that an registered NGO i.e. Annaikkum Karangal Trust, Port Blair is also providing assistance by giving educational items.

             A library has been functioning inside the Jail where various types of magazines, newspapers in different languages are kept for inmates. Apart from that religious books according to their own faith and belief are also being kept inside the library.

To provide free legal aid to the prisoners, weekly visit of lawyer has been arranged by the A & N State Legal Service Authority in the District Jail, Prothrapur. Under-trials are getting instruction from council according to their legal need.

  Petition boxes are fixed in every block and a mobile petition box also circulated every Wednesday, whose keys are in the custody of Superintendent (Jail). The prisoners can put their complaints in these boxes without any fear as their names are kept secret.

              Andaman and Nicobar Prison department is functioning as a correctional Home, where the main focus is rehabilitation, reformation and re-socialization of inmates. To achieve this goal, this department organizes various indoor and outdoor games in the Jail.

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